Dream of a

happy world

with both people and animals

To take care of your pet’s health easily,
to make their daily life happy

Both those who welcome pets for the first time as family members
and those who have been with them for a long time
have the same desire to stay together for a long and healthy life.
Before pets get sick, we design a better life of pets and companions
based on technology and platform
so that anyone can easily take care of them in everyday life.

We innovate the life of pets and their companions.

We work like this
One of them
We express our opinions
and make decisions
together, regardless of job
Stretch goal
We immerse ourselves in
our work with challenging
goals. Of course, there are
sufficient rewards.
Leading player
We work proactively to
achieve our common

We are looking for new members who:

image 1

Have experience with pets
or love pets.

image 1

We want our new member to be someone
who wants to lead the service with a
passion for work.

image 1

We welcome those who adapt well to fast-
growing startups and take responsibility for
their work.

image 1

We want someone who can comfortably
communicate with colleagues and have fun
collaborating with them.

Join the TTcare Team
Get your work
life smart

Commute flexibly

Come to work with your pet

Watch us evolve
with your growth

Get educational support
for books and training

Get the best tools for your work

All for you who work
with passion

Stock Options / Incentives

Get welfare support
for your health

Get supported for
various family events

We are waiting for you
to start a new beginning together
Currently, all teams have job positions open, so you can apply at any time.
For questions about application forms and inquiries, please contact us at recruit@aiforpet.com
App Dev.
Server/Web Dev.
Service Design
Sales Partnership